Careers • Atlas Soft

Careers • Atlas Soft

Let's see what Atlas has to offer

A long term, secure job, which you can do while still at school (subject to certain limitations)
On-the-job training, with our highly qualified professional staff
A solutions-oriented work environment
A chance to work in an innovative Team
On-going technological skills, and professional skills development
A pleasant work environment, not a typical multinational office (rather think of the Google, Facebook like environments)
Flexible work hours, you can set your own work schedule
Corporate mobile phone, with unlimited calls, and internet use
A state of the art company laptop being provided
Other benefits, such as an AYCM „L” card, travel cost reimbursement, private health insurance (dr. Rose Clinic)
Interesting annual team building exercises
You can start right away

Career Opportunities

Ethical Hacker

Are you interested in discovering the vulnerabilities of systems generally deemed to be secure?
In our case, this primarily applies to the analysis of the various operating systems used by leading mobile phone manufacturers. (Android, iOS, OS10). We look for zero-day exploits, and you will need to develop root solutions, and perform other, similarly exciting tasks.

Do you have a basic understanding on what rooting and jailbreak are, in the field of mobile technology, or how to translate custom kernels? Or to recognise when service functions have a limited only operation, and how to revive a seemingly dead phone? Often it is not enough to look for higher level vulnerabilities, you will need to run bootrom level hardware tests as well, as sometimes this is where the key problem lies.

Does this sound exciting to you? Do you perceive yourself in this job? Are you eager to get a job like this?
How do you know that you are suitable for this job, and the key criteria to be met:

First you will need to complete the test on the Microcorruption website, and depending on how well you scored, we’ll decide whether or not to invite you to a personal interview. Once you registered on this site, you will find a sophisticated CTF simulator, designed for embedded systems, which operates in a game-like fashion. The game has several fields, and will lead you through a tutorial field first, and then gradually increase the level of software security technology exercises you’ll need to solve. The game is built very similar to live systems, with certain exceptions, such as in live systems you typically won’t have a live memory dump and cannot debug a program. As opposed to that, in live systems we have the benefit of using various tools that help us to convert the assembly code to C language codes, therefore we are able to easily comprehend large size functionalities. If you’ve managed to score at a level of 1,100 points or higher (you alone, with no outside help), please send us your CV and photo, including your nickname (a link to your profile).

As a next step, we’ll invite you to a personal interview, and if we like each other, you will get an Ardunio DUE device, with a preinstalled test to solve on it, which you can take home. You will have maximum 2 weeks to complete the test, but normally, a qualified professional is able to complete it in 1-2 days, spending a few hours a day on it. Should you need any assistance about the theoretical aspect, we will provide you with literature, and we will provide you with guidance all the way through the process, should you have any questions.

If you managed to successfully complete the test, you’ll have a great chance to be hired by our Company.

The following skill set, and qualifications will be required for this job:

  • ARM architecture skills
  • IDA, Olly, etc. software user skills
  • C/C++, ASM programming language skills
  • A proper understanding of the key professional terminology used, such as the terms stack overflow,
    stack guard, buffer over-read, code cave, etc.
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Senior C++ (Qt) Backend || Frontend Programmer

You will be engaged in the development works of a globally used mobile phone service and testing software, including the daily developer tasks. This includes an implementation of the various functions, with regular updates being provided, as well as the documentation and maintenance of programming codes.

The software performs two key functionalities:

First, it has a service works register, a work sheet printer, and a sales and purchase transaction module - we call this the customer service module.

Second, it operates as a real time phone management module as well, in which the software communicates with the phone set itself, and with our in-house developed application run on the phone set, and is able to migrate user data in between phone sets, regardless of the specific brand. It also executes automated test functions to test the peripheries, downloads data from lost and stolen police records and various blacklists, then acts according to the pre-set criteria.

The following skills and qualifications will be required for this job:

  • Advanced level C++ programmer skill set and work experience
  • QT Framework and UI skills

Additional skills (optional):

  • Android, iOs, Windows phone developer experience
  • C#, SQL, QML skills
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Senior PHP Backend Developer

Your task will be to develop our website, and to prepare APIs for our staff members engaged in the development of desktop applications, on the server side.

Professional qualifications required:

  • Minimum 3 years PHP developer experience
  • Advanced level OOP programmer skills
  • Advanced level knowledge of an up-to-date MVC framework (Symfony, Laravel, Yii)
  • SQL and/or NoSQL skills and work experience (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis)
  • Ability to efficiently work alone and in a team

Additional skills (optional)

  • Silex framework system skills
  • Doctrine ORM skills
  • PostgreSQL work experience
  • JS framework systems work experience (e.g. Angular, React, Ember)
  • Professional degree

Please describe the following information in your application:

  • The types of PHP frameworks you used so far.
  • The types of database systems you used so far.
  • Extracts from the code that you would highlight, as one of your top works completed.
  • What type of websites you have developed so far?
  • Please show us at least 1 project from your track record (it has to be a live site, rather than the source code)
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Senior System Administrator

Senior rendszergazda és hálózati üzemeltető kollégát keresünk irodánkba, az alábbi elvárásokkal:

  • Debian, CentOS
  • Virtualizációs környezet üzemeltetésében szerzett tapasztalat (XenServer és/vagy XCP-ng)
  • iSCSI storage + NAS
  • Erős hálózati ismeretek (VLAN tag, DNS, DHCP, Policy Routing, OSPF, Netfilter)
  • Aktív hálózati eszközök ismerete (MikroTik - RouterOS, Switchek)
  • Kontroller alapú AP-k (Ubiquiti Unifi AP)
  • Site-to-Site és Point-to-Site VPN
  • PostgreSQL és MySQL
  • Nginx + PHP-fpm
  • Postfix
  • Gitlab és Gitlab CI/CD
  • PowerDNS, esetleg más DNS szerver
  • Monitorozó rendszer (*Icinga*, vagy Nagios, vagy Zabbix)
  • Docker + Rancher vagy más Container Orchestrator
  • Elasticsearch + Filebeat + Kibana
  • GlusterFS (NFS) vagy más elosztott tároló ismerete
  • Windows 7/10 magas, rendszerszintű ismerete

Fenti ismeretek majdhogynem mindegyikében szükséges a jártasság, mert ezekkel a környezettekkel napi szinten kell dolgozni.

A munkavégzés fő helyszíne a Hunyadi utcai irodánk, de a másik, szomszéd kerületben található irodánk rendszergazdai és hálózati tevékenységét is el kell látni a leendő kollégának. A munkavégzés napi 8 órában történik, de esetleges rendszerhiba és/vagy sürgős szituációk esetén a munkaidőn kívül is elvárt a rendelkezésre állás és a gyors reakció, ahogy ez ezen a területen megszokott.

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